Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Essentials of Business Advertising

By; James Copper

The success of a business depends a lot on the advertising skills used while promoting its product. In today's competitive world, advertising helps a business to reach its target audiences through a well-planned campaign. Business advertising brings the customers to a product, which is sometimes a costly process.

Lifeline of the Business

Advertising is the lifeline of any business. These days, no one can imagine the success of a product without advertisement campaign. With proper and planned advertising, your business can achieve its targets and potential market. Business advertisement is generally intended towards popularizing a product, even before it is introduced in the market. It aims at convincing the audiences regarding the product's features and its usability to them.

Various Mediums of Advertising

These days, an unadvertised business stands nowhere in this competitive world. Therefore it had become very important to advertise your business. Some of the famous mediums used today for advertising include Internet, yellow pages, direct mails, brochures, newspapers, and business cards. For placing the perfect ad in any of these mediums, the owner should lay down the features of the product along with the reliability years in the business, delivery policy, license, guarantee, etc. This gives information about the product as well as details of the business. The business advertising through the online medium is comparatively cheaper than other traditional methods.

Choosing the Right Medium

Business advertising can be done through various mediums available in the market. These days, one of the major decisions involves choosing the right medium for advertising the product. It generally depends on the features of the product and the kind of audiences it would serve. The objectives of a business are also a major consideration while selecting a medium. The businessman looks out for significantly inexpensive sources, which can reach huge number of audience all around the place.

Purpose of Business Advertising

In simple terms, advertising refers to the promotion of a product through many marketing tools. A business can opt for any of the tools or mediums. The sole purpose of these tools includes-

- Delivering information about the product to a large mass of audience. 
- Inform the customers about the benefits and usage of the product.
- Promote your business and its brand.
- Meeting long-term profits and targets.
- Leaving an everlasting impact on the audiences by increasing public awareness of the business.

Budget for Business Advertising

There are many advantages related to business advertising. To achieve them, the advertising budget should be well planned and calculated. This amount of the budget should be especially used for advertising purposes only. Business with low budget opt for classified ads where as high budget advertise through solo ads which gives maximum exposure to the product.

Crucial for the Business

Advertising can sometimes become crucial for your business, as it is the only medium through customers become aware of the product. Therefore it is important to lay down a planned, organized, and effective advertising that is beneficial and successful.

Google AdSense Profit Trends

By; James J Clarkson

January has to be about the worst month for any kind of business, except weight loss. Building a Google AdSense business is no exception to this rule. I was shocked when my AdSense revenues went from several dollars per day to just pennies per day in the first couple of weeks in January. I was getting pretty worried about it until I started to think about the logic behind it:

AdSense and AdWords revenue is generated from companies advertising their products through Google and consumers clicking on those ads.

From a company's advertising perspective, most of their sales are made in November and December. Those are the months that make or break their profits for the year, and those are the months that the majority of their advertising budget is spent. January is one of the worst months of the year for sales, which logically would result in the companies spending much less on advertising.

Google charges for and displays ads based on the highest paying and highest quality ads given the best exposure. With the month of January having much fewer companies spending money on advertising, lesser quality and lesser paying ads are displayed. This pretty much guarantees much lower paychecks for those who make money from AdSense on their websites.

From a consumer's point of view, what entices them to click on an AdSense ad is the product of the ad being something they are looking for, and the ad being high quality advertising, thus enticing them to take a closer look.

The problem with January is that consumers, as a whole, are not in a buying mood. Most of their money was spent in November and December, leaving them with empty pockets for the month of January. With this in mind, even the high quality and alluring ads are not as likely to be clicked on, as the products are not something the consumers are looking for at that time. This, combined with less competition amongst the advertisers bringing lesser quality ads, results in a much lower click through rate on the ads displayed on Google AdSense websites.

I was happy to see my AdSense profits rising back to their normal levels by the middle of January. By the end of the month, I just barely passed the hundred dollar mark, guaranteeing me a cheque in January. All in all, I have found that an online business is still subject to the same trends a brick and mortar business experiences. In the end, the business owner who plays the game best rises to the top, and will succeed in spite of up and down business trends.

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